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"Not having enough time" or being "too busy" is not an excuse to not do something. "Not having enough time" or being "too busy" is merely a reflection our priorities. We can always make time for our highest priorities. The things we care less about, we make less time for. It is all about priorities, rarely about time.


I just figured out that you can send messages via Tumblr…which means I’ve also only just found the messages you guys have sent me. Sorry! I wasn’t ignoring you intentionally, I promise! But now I don’t know how to respond to the messages. Apparently I can only…block, delete, edit, queue, or publish in response to them?

I don’t use this blog anymore and most of the posts on this one have been private-tized for personal reasons. I have to keep it mainly because it’s my main blog and Tumblr won’t let me keep my other blogs if I delete this one sooo welcome to my life one year ago. The one I do keep up to date is:

Cheers! (:


noun • /nos-tuh-MAY-nee-uh, -mayn-yuh/ • (obsolete, rare) overwhelming homesickness, or desire to return to familiar places. From Greek νόστος (nostos, “a return home”) + mania.

familiar places: under your roof. your car. your arms.


Must-Watch Mashup of the Day: 342 movies + 12 months of production + 7 minutes = The best seven minutes you’ll ever spend watching the result of a year’s worth of assiduous labor cramming 342 movies into a single massive mashup looking back at 2009 in film, guaranteed.

[thanks kees!]